Friday, January 28, 2011

days gone by

WOW! Have I got stuff to post! This weekend will be a weekend of rebuilding my e-bay and ecrater, not to mention a few great finds to be added to etsy (a vintage Louis I am drooling over as well as a fab De Nicola 3 strand turquoise necklace)! Sorry, Blogspot, for neglecting you, but I have found the much underrated art of searching for rare books (and posting on Amazon). Yes, I still believe in the old school way of reading and have not gone to Kindle or IPad or any other book that cannot romance me with that musty smell of the textured paper between my fingers.

And (sadly) I must confess that I have sold the amazing Zenith! Although, I look at it more as rehoming, considering the decision was ONLY made for the sake of preserving it due to a teething new puppy! I do feel confident it has gone to a good home to be cherished by many and danced to in the way it was meant to be! Au revoir, my stereophonic find!

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